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Arm Cast Podcast

Podcast devoted to interviewing authors, publishers, editors, artists, filmmakers, narrators, and anyone else in the arts and entertainment fields. We also like M&Ms.

Mar 27, 2020

This week on Arm Cast: Dead Sexy Podcast, host Armand Rosamilia chats with V. S. Holmes, an international bestselling SFF author.

They write the Nel Bently Books and the Reforged series.

Their debut, Smoke and Rain, won New Apple Literary’s Excellence in Independent Publishing Award in 2015.

They also work as an...

Mar 20, 2020

Arm Cast: Dead Sexy Podcast host Armand Rosamilia chats with Juliet Clark, a dynamic and sought-after speaker and podcaster who has spent the last twenty years helping authors, coaches, speakers, and small businesses all over the world build expert platforms.

Her podcast, Promote, Profit, Publish, helps entrepreneurs...

Mar 13, 2020

On this week's episode of Arm Cast: Dead Sexy Podcast, host Armand Rosamilia chats with Mark Tullius

He's the author of Ain’t No Messiah, Twisted Reunion, 25 Perfect Days, and several other books.

He is also the host of the podcast Vicious...

Mar 6, 2020

On this week's profanity-laced episode of Arm Cast: Dead Sexy Podcast, author Lucas Milliron returns

Lucas is a full time optician trying to make a name for himself in the horror fiction community . With titles like Tim E. Less, Becoming, and his latest book <redacted> he is an author of cosmic and extreme horror