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Arm Cast Podcast

Podcast devoted to interviewing authors, publishers, editors, artists, filmmakers, narrators, and anyone else in the arts and entertainment fields. We also like M&Ms.

Sep 15, 2017

On this week's Arm Cast: Dead Sexy Almost Gone Because of Hurricane Irma Episode, (mostly) dry host Armand Rosamilia chats with Thomas O'Briant, who spent 30 years designing and screen printing t-shirts for collegiate sports, college clubs, fraternities, sororities and local businesses.

He trained and taught Marital Arts for 20 years.

He's a Facebook Guru who brought 5,000 O’Brien Clan members together in a global group page and is now creating cartoon webisodes featuring his own characters utilizing Irish history: Liam and Séamus in the Shadow Realm Adventures.

This week's episode sponsored by Subculture Corsets & Clothing