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Arm Cast Podcast

Podcast devoted to interviewing authors, publishers, editors, artists, filmmakers, narrators, and anyone else in the arts and entertainment fields. We also like M&Ms.

Feb 2, 2018

On yet another brilliant episode of Arm Cast: Dead Sexy Podcast, host Armand Rosamilia is joined by two great guests for the price of one. 

Max Booth III is the editor-in-chief of Perpetual Motion Machine, the managing editor of Dark Moon Digest, and a columnist for LitReactor. He hosts the podcasts Castle Rock Radio and The Taco Summit. He’s the author of several novels, the latest being THE NIGHTLY DISEASE.

Lori Michelle is the brains behind all of the above. Seriously. Without her Max is asking if you'd like fries with that. 

This week is sponsored by Subculture Corsets & Clothing