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Arm Cast Podcast

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Jul 12, 2019

On this week's exciting episode of Arm Cast: Dead Sexy Podcast, host Armand Rosamilia chats with author J.K. Franko 

J.K. Franko was born and raised in Texas in an atmosphere where what he really wanted to do in life – writing and film – were not considered legitimate jobs. His Cuban-American parents believed there were only three acceptable career paths for a male child: doctor, lawyer, and architect.

After a disastrous first year of college pre-Med, he ended up getting a BA in philosophy (not acceptable), then he went to law school (salvaging the family name).

Franko did pursue writing along with his legal career, and was recognized on the National Law Journal’s Worth Reading list.

After some prodding from his wife, Franko turned to writing fiction.

He now lives with his wife and children in South Florida with their four dogs and one cat.